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Our Vision

We make expertly engineered, dependable, simple to install CCTV products for the security professional.

Our Strategy

We help you solve complex problems by giving you free access to our product developers. Designing solid systems. Providing robust products with a low total cost of ownership.But most of all, our job is not done until we make you, your customer’s hero.

Our History

BFR Digital was founded in 2001 by Bruno, Fernando and Renato. Operating from Renato’s study our first product was the GUI-MUX. We soon found a niche to develop and manufacture robust CCTV equipment for the African Market.

After 17 years of designing and manufacturing electronic products in South Africa.

We are regarded as the go to company for solving the complex electronic security needs of our clients.

Bruno Felicidade Jones
Bruno Felicidade Jones


“It has been enormously beneficial to have someone who has an expert understanding of the hardware, together with knowledge of key industry personalities to help guide us through this process.

Bruno is incredibly knowledgeable in his field, has superb relationships to facilitate getting things done and is very practical and pragmatic in his approach. In our dealings with him he has been a consummate professional and has added significant value to our project.

I have no hesitation of recommending him as professional, reliable, honest, and knowledgeable in his field.”




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